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Before you go on: We are not a franchising system. We are not "licence sellers".

We are a network of like-minded martial artists with the desire to teach in freedom and sharing some common principles. If you are just looking to add another label to your school, you should look elsewhere.



If you want to teach one of the Shunryu martial arts or add adapt a new one, you have a lot of freedom to do so. What is not negotiable though is that you abide by our principles and, if you teach children, that you have an appointed Child Protection Coordinator.

Because we believe in what you do, you will not only aggregate value to your school but will also have the peace of mind that your students will be ready to do well in many real-life situations, whether they are fight-related or not.


We are not in the business of selling memberships but we can offer anything you need for your students (registration, passports, certificates) if you need.

We see ourselves as a service-providing association to connect and support like-minded practitioners. So we strive to spread knowledge with courses, resources and materials to help our members in any area they need. 

You can be affiliated with any other association as long as there is no ethical conflict.

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